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Mar 31, 2013
Ok , Im not very tech savvvy, but i know I'm ready to upgrage to HD. What I really want is to have as many as 6 tv outlets in my home. ( I have four now and I am planning to build an addition.) I would really like to have HD and recording capability on each one. Dish wants 120 per month for this luxury with my very basic programming package. Does anyone recommend any shortcuts that I can take to do this cheaper. I suppose I could live with some non-Hd outlets if I must. I'm just trying to get the most bang for my buck. Im also trying to plan for the future. Maybe considering CAT6 wire in the new addition? Any advice appreciated.
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Sep 7, 2003
Rohnert Park, CA
First, it isn't the HD at each outlet that is so expensive. It's the DVR's that causes the pain. You could look at 2 Hoppers and 4 Joeys and it would cost you $35 a month for the equipment, the first Hopper is free. Add to that $10 a month for whole home DVR, comes to $45 a month. Now, add in your programming and you have an idea of what it would cost. If you wanted to go with 3 Hoppers and 3 Joeys, the price is the same monthly but you have a bit more initial outlay to get it. If you have auto pay and paperless billing you get HD Free for life, so, you save $10 there.... If you don't want to do that add $10 to your bill....
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