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Jul 7, 2008
Hey guys, just wondering what you would do. My old 722 was not wanting to reboot last night, I plugged it back up this morning, and fan was still just running on high. I called a CSR and she's sending a replacement, but after I hang up with her, the damn thing comes back to life. I tried to cancel the order, but they said it was already on it's way. Is there a way to send the new one back without even opening it and keeping my old 722 (got a few shows I would like to keep, but not a big deal), or would you say it's time to upgrade, and just switch out for the 722k. BTW I don't use OTA antennas so this doesn't factor. Thanks


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Sep 20, 2005
Keep the K. Pay the activation fee and transfer shows to EHD.

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