Need EXPERT advice (diplexer/combiner) :)


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Apr 22, 2004
I need a four diplexers to split the analog NTSC UHF/VHF antenna signal from my satellite signal. What frequency range should the diplexer say it can pass? The ones I've seen all show one side passing LNB power. How much should they cost? I've seen them in the store for $20 each, but I seen them on eBay for $10 for a 4 pack.

Jim I think you need a 4 way UHF/VHF splitter feeding into 4 Diplexers. You will also need 4 diplexers on the other end to separate the UHF/VHF signals from the satellite signals. With diplexers cheap dosen't always mean good but expensive dosen't mean good either. There are different levels of quality if you don't know what you are buying buy someplace that will take back defective product and hopefully from a dealer who can give you advice along with the product.
Well, Jim, I'm not an EXPERT, but....

1) you are going to need 8 diplexers, as boba said.
2) There is a huge markup on these things, so don't be afraid of the 4 for $10 on Ebay, as I've seen them that cheap in some discount electronics stores (Fry's) It's hard to mess up a diplexer.
3) I wouldn't worry too much about the frequence range, as the primary purpose the diplexers are designed for is combining sat and UHF/VHF.
Guy's, the antenna signal should be combined into the sat signal with the multiswitch, shouldn't it? Don't I just need 4 diplexers to split the signals at the TV's? I could actually get away with splitting the antenna signal out at just 3 TV's. The wife and daughter watch the shows on prime-time ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, so access to those on these TV's is a must!
No, I don't :(
I thought I did, but after talking to my installer, it looks like once again, Dish has some screwed-up system that forces you to use a bunch of diplexers to combine your antenna signal with your sat signal.
I don't know if I'd call it screwed up.... I thought it was pretty cool that one could hook up 4 receivers looking at two different satellites and not need a multiswitch.
I'd say there are probably a LOT of people that have either an antenna or 'life-line' cable (channels 2-13 @ $10/month, or something similar) in addition to their satellite system to receive local channels. The multiswitch DirecTv uses makes it super simple to supply that antenna or cable signal to all the TV's in your house that are already receiving the satellite signal without having to run extra cable or using lots of diplexers. If anyone knows of a similar device for Dish, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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