Need Help Dish 500 Cutting out


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Oct 26, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ok, I am a little puzzled at this one and need some help. My parents have a dish 500 feeding a 625 and a 322. About 3 monthas ago it started cutting out for no reason on both receivers at the same time. I put a new dpp twin head on the dish and it seemed to correct the problem, but last week it returned. It is doing it on both receivers so i know it is not a receiver problem. It does it really bad right before it rains and sometimes just for no reason. There is a great line of sight for the dish and the signal strengths seem to be good (70% or so on 119 and 60% or so on 110). I did notice the last time I was over there, it looked like it was about to rain and the picture cut out, the signal strengths for both satellites were less than half of what they usually are. I beleive 70 and 60 are good signal strengths, am I wrong? Ever since they changed the signal meter to lower I don't know. I have a dish 1000 and it never goes out and I have about the same signal strenghts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I checked all connections and all seem to be fine.


Agonizing Fury

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May 22, 2008
you have me puzzled as well. About the only thing I can think of is to check the grounding of the system to ensure that it is grounded properly. Not being grounded can cause some strange things to happen sometimes, including damaging the LNB. This may be a situation for a trouble/service call.


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It could be the dish needs to be fine tuned to get the signal just a bit higher. But in all fairness, a heavy downpour in the line of sight could cause the outage without it raining where the dish is, or something else could be in the way and the rain drops it farther into the line of sight. There could also be a bad/loose wire or connection but it would have to be between the lnb's and a switch if you have one.