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Oct 14, 2003
I haven't decided on Dish or DirecTV yet so hopefully that won't matter for what I am needing help on.

I am wiring up my house, it is a brand new home, so the coaxial lines are already hooked up and hanging down waiting for the satellite coax lines to come from the outside, as soon as I decide who I go with and they come out and setup my dish.

The question, I would like to have the coax connection module ready to inside a home-networking box, which also handles phone lines, all in a nifty little box that will sit next to my electrical box.

What module do I need for a 3-satellite connection ins which I will then be able to connect up to at least 5 coax outs to all my rooms that I have wired for TV? Is this something standard I can pick up at Radio Shack?



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Oct 3, 2003
It depends on whether you get Dish or Directv. With Dish you will need two DP34 switchs to feed from 5-8 tuner inputs.

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