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Jul 7, 2004
I have a DishDVR 522 and have ordered ALOT of movies off PPV. How do I get the movies off the hard drive (preferrably without cracking open the casing)? I really need to know how, cause I only have 4 hours left on the hard drive. Please help me.
The easiest way is to record them into your VCR thru the RCA outputs. There are other ways to do it such as recording them directly into your computer thru s-video and RCA, but it will still be analog. There are forums that are working on extracting the video digitally but it is quite a big project and I'm not sure if they are even doing it on the 522 yet.

What you have recorded on the hard drive is the encrypted digital information from DISH'S digital data stream it must be decoded by the receiver and output as a analog signal. You can use a DVD recorder, VCR, or computer to record the analog signal. Don't trust the hard drive to store your programming. If the hard drive fails all you can do is send that information back to DISH on the hard drive, you have lost your investment.
Is there a program to decode and output the video if I take the hard drive out, hook it up in my PC, and transfer the files onto my hard drive? I know that the file system is a bit different, but you could still get the files off if you go straight down to the 1's and 0's of it all ;) hehe. Also, would it void some kind of warranty or something if i crack open the case.
No there isn't. The guys at Yahoo Groups dishmod & dishrip have done some work on the 50x boxes, but are staying away from the 522 because of the encryption - at least until we get our Fair Use Rights back from the evil demons that crafted the DMCA.

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