Need Help! Problems w/upgrade OLD: 2 Hoppers NEW: 1 Hopper 3



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May 26, 2009
Dish guy just left. I have 12 TV's. Important parts of OLD setup:
Hopper: HDMI to Projector, Component (RGB) to multiplexer, split out via component cables to 5 T.V.'s - Worked Great!
Hopper #2: HDMI to Great Room T.V. - Component output through wall to bedroom T.V. - Worked great.
Not important: Other T.V.'s in house fed by joeys.

Hard drive on one of the Hoppers started to crash so I decided to upgrade to Hopper 3. Asked for 2 of them - can't get 2 of them, but was told technician would figure it out - and the Joey 3's had component outputs (I am now aware this is not true)

Tech shows up - show him the whole setup. Hopper 3 goes in place of the Hopper #2 above. Component carries signal to Bedroom t.v. - which is where I preferred it to be.

Ask about the other Hopper (Component is multiplexed to 5 T.V.s) and specifically asked if the Joeys had Component outputs, specified more "with the RGB output"? - "yes they do" I was told. Cool! Left him to do his work.

He left and we didn't check the 5 T.V.s (stupid). Now that he is gone, I find out the Joey 3 only has video composite cable and audio output. He wired the Joey 3 with my 'green' wire to the video out, and my audio cables to the audio out - leaving the Red and Blue cables hang. No mention to me what he had to do.

Now I am left with what the hell can I do? I am looking for solutions, and I'm not sure any are viable short of getting another Hopper 3 (which I've been told is impossible).

QUESTION: The HDMI comes from the Joey 3, can that go to my "receiver", then the HDMI output on the receiver - can I split that - 1 side going to my projector, the other HDMI side converted using an HDMI to Component box? Then component cables go to my multiplexer? Those HDMI to Component boxes get such poor ratings - I think because that loses the HDCP signal - so I am not sure - Will it work? Other solutions available?

I appreciate the help - I am left with a Mancave basement with a bunch of T.V.s that don't work.
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You can call and complain and he has to come back and fix it. But call ASAP.

HDMI splitters work.

The component splitters should work, as long as the HDMI is connected to a functioning TV to handle the handshake.

You CAN get a second H3, but you have to buy it, and you have to get thru to someone who knows this.

Contact DIRT to get this done.


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Sep 8, 2003
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The component splitters should work, as long as the HDMI is connected to a functioning TV to handle the handshake.

OR, you can put an HDMI splitter (1x2, or larger) on the HDMI output of the receiver...then it doesn't make a diff if the TV's connected via HDMI, are even turned on &/or connected.
They have them all over ebay for minimal cost, like this one I've used several times:

HDMI Splitter Amplifier 2 Output 1 Input Ultra HD 2Way Switch For HDTV PS3 1080P 605945687929 | eBay


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Jun 14, 2014
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There are conversion cables with an HDMI connection on one end, and component connections on the other end. I was looking at those on Amazon, but the description basically says that they only work if the receiver has the chipset built in to handle the conversion. Otherwise, these cables will not work, and a separate converter box would be needed instead. Does anyone know if Dish receivers have the chipset to handle the direct HDMI to component conversion cables without needing a separate box? I am wanting to connect a Hopper Duo to an older HDTV that does not have an HDMI input, and the Hopper Duo does not have a component output. I would hate to spend more money for a converter box if one is not needed, but I would also hate to spend any money for the converter cables if they will not work for this, so I haven't purchased any kind of HDMI to component converter yet.

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