Need help quick, best pkg for new hd tivo

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Sep 8, 2003
Need help quick, best install pkg for new hd tivo

Please help, I need to find out what is the best installation package for a new DTV customer that would include the new HD Tivo and 2 SD receivers. Thanks
They do not have any offers for new customers yet, but I would call DirecTV and tell them you are interested in the HD DirecTiVo and ask if you could receive a $150 programming credit as a new customer. I have seen prices for the HD DirecTivo for as low as $849 from some online dealers posted over You can get the 2 SD receivers for free and installed for free from just about any DirecTV dealer, but just check with DirecTV first and see if you can get set up with a programming discount for the HD DirecTiVo when you add it later. I think you would be better off buying at least one SD DirecTiVo for your 2 SD receivers unless they are for younger kids because once you use the TiVos that will be all you want to watch TV with. I bought one SD DirecTiVo and one SD receiver with a phase III dish in a package from Best Buy for $78 and that included free installation. Just keep in mind when you add the HD DirecTivo installation will probably not be included. You should also call some of the online dealers and get a quote from them, sometimes they can give you better deals.
Thanks Mike, He did go with 1 HD Tivo, 1 Hughes HD, 3 SD units
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