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May 23, 2004
hi I am new to this forum and see everything is listed will read it all someday I have had the directv system for about 14 months How do I know if I can add more receivers and what type of system I have ? When it was installed dear hubby was still around no more so I need to do some research on my own Is there a place where I can ask all the questions or can someone help me one on one? I have 2 rooms on the dish now and want to add another locals are coming in June too......
You can always add more receivers.

My first thought is, do you have an oval dish? If so, then your receivers are probably fine. I assume since your locals are upcoming, you will need an oval dish. The only exception is if you are in Harrisburg, where the single slot dish would work.

Your best bet is probably to call DirecTV. They will know whether or not you need to change your receivers to get your local channels.

If you do not have an oval dish, call DirecTV. They will upgrade your equipment when your locals come online, and install it for you. If you require different receivers, they are supposed to provide them for you, maybe for a fee. You can also probably pick up another receiver at that time.
Please reply by conversation.

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