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Dec 18, 2003
I currently have E service and take two receivers camping with us. I have altered the cable arrangements.

I have two incoming cables from the outside. One terminates on the AUX side of an amplified antenna, the other cable hooks to a diplexer and runs into a bedroom/diplexer #2 so both can share the outside antenna.

I have a Direct TV Dual LNB Dish on a tripod I have been using, one of the smaller ones but it is hard to aim, especially with trees in the mix so I want to upgrade to a Dish 500. I will only be pointing at 119 so I will get the I-Bracket from Dish Store.
Will the Diplexers work with Dish Pro or do I need to stay legacy for the new LNB ?
Also, since I am only hitting 119, is a Dual LNB ok to use with the I-Bracket ?
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Jul 20, 2005
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I suggest you get a dual LNB and catch both 110 & 119. Dish is shuffling around the channels and you cannot count on your channels of interest remaining on 119. You may wish to wait a month and buy a Dish 500+ instead. Slightly larger. Little difference in aiming, adding 110 to the mix.

Diplexers should work fine with Pro. I assume your STBs will work with Pro.
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