Need help with Quadshield Coax


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Jan 8, 2005
I just moved into my new home and all of the coax runs are apparently quad shield RG6. I am trying to add an F-Connector to one of the cables and I can't figure out exactly how I need to strip the cable and add the connector. I did buy some RG6-QS connectors, so that piece should be ok. When I strip the outer layer of cable there are two layers of braided wire with a foil sheating in between. I am using crimp on connectors (Ideal) and I don't know how to install them. Do I need to peel back both layers of braided wire and the foil between them and then fold it over the black outer cable or do I cut all of the braided wire and layer of foil between them and leave just the last layer of foil, insulation, and copper wire?

I have had no issues installing connectors on regular RG6, but this quadshield cable is giving me headaches.

Roll back the first layer of foil and both layers of braid, then put on like a reg connector. Its much tougher to push on though.

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