Need quick answer: Will 722 EHD recordings carry over to Hopper 3?


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Feb 28, 2005
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My 722 VIP is being replaced with a Hopper 3 tomorrow (yeah!) .

Dish phone rep said the install tech will take care of transferring DVR recordings from my 722 to the Hopper. They said I cannot use a USB drive to transfer, as the Hopper will format the EHD and I'll lose all my recording. However I read here the opposite may be true - I can indeed xfer via EHD from 722 to Hopper 3. However those posts were older and things change.

What's the latest on this? If I am going to use an EHD, I need to start archive of 722 now as install is about 12 hours from now!

Can/will the install tech really do this transfer for me? I would think it would take quite a bit if time, unless they use something better than straight USB.

Thanks - this is my first post in about 5 years! It's good to be back!
The rep is full of you know what. Get busy and start transferring to an EHD. Tech will not do it. No straight USB from 722, and it takes three times as long if it could.
It should be just fine with the about one or two days. Hopper needs to "bake" for a while.

P.S. You could reschedule appointment to give yourself more time.
Thanks people, starting archive now. Luckily lots of old crap I don't need so will archive the important stuff first!

Hmmm, wonder if I can use my powered SATA to USB 3.0 adapter and connect my spare 120GB SSD drive... (I'm a computer tech, so have lots of toys/adapters/parts around).
Remember, the EHD must be 50GB-2TB, self powered, single disk drive... I don't believe a SSD will work.
Yep, this is not the right time to try an SSD experiment lol.

I'm using that powered adapter with a standard 500GB SATA III HD. The 722 formatted it no problem so I think I'm in business.

Thanks for the quick responses everyone.
One of my drives is a 250 and it works fine on the Hopper (as it did on the VIP receivers before that.
As of a couple of weeks ago they had not. I've been helping a neighbor with his "education" of Hoppers from a 722. I was there when the installer said 30 days.

Unless they changed it sometime last week and didn't bother notifying anybody then it's still 30 days. :)
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When did they change it?
I'm not sure but I did a Hopper 3 upgrade last week and when I called to have packaging sent, they told the customer she had 10 days to return the old one. I haven't seen anything official so I may be wrong about it being "officially" changed or the CSR just misspoke

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