Need some technical advice on installing 2 SW64 switches.


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Nov 29, 2003
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I'm hoping that someone here can shed a little technical know-how here.

I am in the middle of having an 811 receiver added to my home. I currently have 3 301 receiver and 1 6000 receiver. These are connected to two dishes via a single sw64.

A DishNetwork installer came out to my home to add the 811 receiver. He made 6 splitter assemblies and ran a new cable to the designated location before he realized that he did not have the SW64 in his truck. An install has been rescheduled for this Sunday.

Today I was surfing the Internet and wanted to see what an SW64 retails for. One hit from Goggle was a pdf file on

Well the installation shown on the dishnetwork site is not what this installer is going to do. Should I be concerned?

On the website, there are six splitters. Each splitter has two ports. One port is a DC Pass Port and the other port is a DC Block Port. The DC Pass Ports all go to the primary SW64. The DC Block Ports make their way to the Secondary SW64. In addition, for each Dual LNB, one of the DC Block Ports is connected to a Feed-through load. Can someone tell me how this works? Is the use of DC Blocked Ports necessary? What happens if...

The installer at my home is not using Feed-through loads AND each splitter is labelled:

I have the feeling that this is not correct. If this is not going to work, then I will call the installer's dispatch center and try to make sure that whoever shows up to install the SW64 has the correct equipment.
I would forget about the Legacy equipment you now have and install DishPro (DPTwin LNBF on the Dish pointed at 110, 119; DPSingle LNBF on the Dish pointed at 61.5; merge them with a DP34 Switch). You can get an idea how it works by going to DishDepot.Com and checking out Multieswithces and LNBF's. That is how I found out about its. The install is easier than with Legacy equipment. I did part of it myself and would have done more if I had the time. You just unscrew the old LNB's and put the Legacy LNB's in there place. There is no need to move the dishes. If you have done any cable work around the house its simple. You must use RG6 cable.
I forgot, the 6000 is not DishPro. I am getting the 921 and that is why I changed from Legacy to DishPro. I needed the extra feeds.
Without the feedthrough loads, both SW64's are able to sending the even/odd switching voltage to the LNBF's. If the splitters are diode-protected, the SW64's won't get damaged, but whichever one sends the high switching voltage to the LNBF's always "wins". 'don't this is gonna work.
I want to thank everyone for their advice. This includes those of you that have PM'ed me.
Yes I do still have the 6000 legacy receiver in use. The 811 will not work with my HDTV. I think if I went to DishPro Equipment, I can use a DP Adapter for the 6000. But...
I don't think I have the option of going DP unless I pay for it and as it stands now, I am getting the second SW64 as a freebee. So rather than upset this prospect, I am willing to do the twin SW64 dance.

After doing some additional research on the web, I am still somewhat confused. The DC Block Ports on the splitters seem to be needed to block any voltage from the secondary SW64 from interfering with the Primary SW64. I think that the Primary SW64 should pass thru the DC voltage to ensure the dual LNBs are correctly set in the even-odd channel mode. I'm also guessing that the DC Block Ports prevent the SW64 from seeing the LNBs. The Feed-through Load somehow enables the SW64 to see the LNB(?) Or does it just provide some sort of load for the DC power that is coming from the SW64? And why only 3 and not 6? Though I have been recently informed that if the all pass-thru ports splitter is used, then I need to have 6 Feed-through Load devices installed.

I wish I had started with DP.
Well the same installer that started the job returned Sunday afternoon to complete the job. I asked about the lack of Feed-through Loads and his response was that they are not needed with these particular splitters. And after he installed the secondary sw64, everything worked as expected. I have one receiver on a single sw64 and the other 4 on the other sw64. There does not seem to be an issue with this type of installation.

Now I have a pseudo-working 811. Guess it is time to jump onto the 811 thread and find what should be working as I expected somewhat different results from my 811 than what I am getting :(.

Thanks all again.

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