Need TV tuner card or something to use my computer to watch Dish thru the VIP222k


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Sep 26, 2005
Hello i want to watch Dish thru my computer but each Tv Tuner card i get or check out seems not to work. Since with Dish (VIP222k) you need to actually find a blank tv station to program the 222k , i run into issues cause most tuner cards wont allow you to turn to a blank station, only ones that you actually pick up.

Not sure what a Sling or Roku or any of those things are or if they would help me in my situtaion.

So can anyone help me or am i just doomed?

Thank you
What do you mean you need a blank TV station to program the 222K? Are you trying to get TV1 or TV2 on your computer, and what type of connection are you using (component, composite, coax, HDMI)? What tuner cards have you tried?
If you are trying ATSC tuners, then that won't work with any Dish receiver since there is no ATSC output. Try a hybrid ATSC/NTSC tuner, and use the best input available, such as s-video which does not involve any RF modulation or RF channel. If you buy an HD capture device, then by all means use the component output of the 222. There is no RF channel to tune with component either.
Only the Hopper and 722/k can take a Sling Adapter. The OP has a 222k.

Now the idea of getting a real Slingbox (if that is what you meant) is a good one. That will work with any STB.
So you don't have a tv at all? You have to do a little setup to at least set the RF to a certain channel.. Then tune to that channel on you tuner card. The picture quality will stink, and you'll have to use the Dish remote to change channels, but it will work. The best solution is a decent capture card and component cables.
how much is the hopper and this sling thing, and how would i hook that up to my computer?
glennh73 said:
how much is the hopper and this sling thing, and how would i hook that up to my computer?

You don't hook the Sling Adapter to your computer, you just hook it to the Hopper and the Hopper to the internet and you watch it thru So you don't have a TV at all?

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Have a main tv and also a computer. What i want to do is to use my computer as a second tv. Hence why i was looking for a tv tuner card.

The good news is that this tuner stick is a hybrid model, so at least it's possible to watch TV on your PC. The bad news is that I've had a Kworld tuner stick and a Kworld PCI card, and both have worked for about a year and then lose the ability to tune different channels. Maybe KWorld is doing better these days. Also maybe you don't care to tune different channels, since you only want to tune in one channel (from the 222k). I've also had fair success with the bundled software, which is ArcSoft TotalMedia.

But according to Dish User guide. I have to to set both tvs ( 1 being tv and other my computer) to a blank station then do some setup which honestly seems to be way to much bs just to do what i want it to do.

You only want to use the RF output from your 222k if there is no other alternative. Presumably your principle TV is an HDTV wired up via HDMI to the TV1 output. I don't own a 222, but I think most dual tuner Dish receivers work the same way. You should be able to set up the RF TV2 output channel using your already-configured TV1. then just cable up your 222 to your KWorld tuner stick, scan for or add the same channel, and you're done.

N.B. The TV2 output of your 222k is standard definition, only. The Kworld tuner stick is HD for ATSC broadcast channels. But the part of it you're using with the 222 is the old analog NTSC part, which is strictly SD.

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