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Mar 21, 2009
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I don't know why I did it, but I pressed the Red Button to see what the tuner activity was. To my surprise the SyFy channel was on tuner three replacing one of the Big 4. I have never seen that before, I have seen the Big 4 active at all hours of the day though, so I just left it to do its thing. The recording was a two hour finale and have way through one minute SyFy the next CBS and the rest of the recording is CBS and not a program that i would or had set to record. Even though, there was no recording on any channel following it. What's this all about?

Also I have been noticing that timers on the Big 4 channels are often spec'ing all the various timers, when it should be just the one. This causes conflicts. But when it comes time to record it does it on Tuner 3/The Big 4 as it should leaving empty timers.

I did a search and see that the same program, although now no longer 2 hours continuous is listed as two separate programs and set to record, when in all reality they should be listed as "already in the DVR" with a X. So luckily, at least I'll get it recorded again Friday night and can see the whole thing.

HwS: S542

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