new 811 won't get 119 & 110 same time


    After 24 hours of being down the DIRECTV 11 Satellite is beginning to show signs of life again! Looks like this ordeal will soon be over! DIRECTV thanks you for your patience!!

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Dec 24, 2003
I just had an 811 installed monday. The remote does not work and the receiver will not pull in 119 and 110 at the same time. I can do one or the other but not the two at the same time time. After an hour on the phone with a tech, he determinded it was the rec.
Have you ever heard of this???
Im going to start with the obvious...

Did you run a check switch to make sure you can get both satellites at the same time ???
Nope. One at a time. Didn't know I could check them both

The first night all I had was HD and infomercials. Next time all I had was local chans. This has been a learning experience.
I would run a check switch to make sure you are picking up both satellites

It should be in the menu under 6-1-1 (Installation) on "Check Switch" and let that go through. After running it, the screen should tell you that you are picking up both 119 & 110.
It only lets use one or the other. I will go home today and try some thing else. Don't know what.
I installed my 2nd 811 yesterday and didn't do the check switch. Today with tech support I did the check switch and I now get all the channels.
If you have a second or third receiver, are they getting 119 and 110 on the switch check? If so, then the problem could be the coax run, switch/LNB or receiver. The most simple way to check is to switch one of the other receivers into the 811's location, do a switch check and see if 119 and 110 are there, and also see if the switch is ID'ed correctly. If the switch check is successful, you have a receiver problem.
I had a similar problem, 110 Sat only no 119. Dish replaced my 811 after about a week of waiting. New 811 works fine.
Could be the SW64. I am on my 4th one already (in 2.5 years). Had same prob last week (altho I don't have an 811 yet). They replaces SW64 and everything is perfect now.
Call me a newbie and don't know squat, BUT when I go into that menu and select 110 or 119 I can't see a difference other than signal strength.

ALL my locals are there on both, the HD channels, the PPV, and the PQ is the same.

I get a little better signal on 110 (like 112) and on 119 I get a decent signal (like 88).

So what gives?

Am I doing something wrong or do both work just fine for me and it is a matter of preference or what?

I also have the 811 and two 311's.
You will also see this same problem if you are trying to run a DishPro receiver on older Legacy equipment. The fix for this is a DishPro adaptor or upgrade your equipment to DishPro.
Just as mentioned above run a check switch. With the new software it will appear to be hung up. For some reason it no longer counts up as it checks. Just give it some time especially if you have legacy equipment.

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