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Nov 11, 2006
Northwest Lower Michigan
I just got my new Amiko HD 265 hooked up yesterday. Got everything set up to my liking, and been working with it the last 2 nights. It's been solid, never locked up or crashed. I have noticed some things.

1. I can get most channels, but for the life of me, I can't get it to scan in Fox Puerto Rico, NBC Virgin Islands, and THIS on 99W.

2. I always choose Free only, and TV only when scanning. But about half the time it scans in radio channels and a bunch of scrambled channels anyway. I guess this isn't a big of a deal, since I can sort them to the end of the list. My firmware is the 2nd to newest version if that makes a difference.

I do like the satellite editing. The clear and confirm are timesavers, and I like that I can add a new one and actually put it where I want. And some HD channels do have a better PQ than my other receivers. I do wish the signal quality display was more responsive to tweaking like the Geosat. It stays at a fixed high number with a lot of variation in position and skew, even when the actual quality changes. Like having to try a few times shooting in the dark to get it to pick up Decades and some other stuff.
There has been a lot of discussion on many forums regarding your Point 1. above. Some say that receivers (for example the GSP microHD) with certain chipsets have trouble receiving it. The Edision receivers receive it OK.

Here's your training thread for this subject if you have the patience to go through it.

Click here.
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Well crap. Didn't know this was an issue. I read through it, but don't understand all the fields in the manual input. I tried a few things last night to no avail.

NBC/ABC/PBS is hit and miss on OTA, and FOX and CBS are totally unavailable. Part of living in the sticks. I watch a lot on FOX, especially for college football season.

So I hooked the Geosat back up to the last remaining input on my JVC. As I said in my other thread, it no longer has enough power to run anything off the 18V output. So I teed it into the 18V supply from my GI box that powers my C band LNB. This isolates it from the Amiko. Now I can watch those channels.

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