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Should We Get the New Arcade?

  • YES - Get the new Arcade and reset the high scores!

    Votes: 16 72.7%
  • NO - Don't Get the new Arcade but DO Reset the High Scores

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • NO - Don't Get the new Arcade but DO NOT Reset the High Scores

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • I don't care - I don't play in the arcade.

    Votes: 5 22.7%

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As you might have noticed our arcade is out of date. With our current arcade its hard for us to find good new games and most of the new games have ads in them (which we make ZERO off of.) our arcade program is no longer being updated so with every upgrade of our forum software there is a chance that the current arcade will no longer function.

There is a brand new arcade out which can use ALL of our games we have no pus offers support for a lot more games. I am thinking of moving over to it, but for the full version it is $99.

Here is a list of whats new in this new arcade (some of it will make sense to you, other features won't) :)

Major Features:

Modular Game Handling
: Currently supports games from pnflash, ibproarcade, v3arcade, mochi, (plus armor, kongregate, flashgamedistribution in pro) and more can be added with a single file.

Access and Score Tools: Set exactly when users can play certain games, and for how often. Archive extra or old scores to allow room for new champions.

Social and Global: Not only can games be sent to all the major social networks, but participating sites can rank their scores together and display champions everywhere.

Beautiful Modern Design: Streamlined and professional, using AJAX to enhance and simplify the playing experience, like searching, replays, full screen and cinema mode, and category tabs.

Notable Features (Lite)
  • Modern streamlined appearance with AJAX for replay and searching
  • Tweet, Like, or +1 a game, and post your score to your Facebook wall
  • Easy game resizing and full screen
  • Featured and Suggested games while playing
  • Ajax ratings, and commenting
  • Set descriptions, instructions, controls, keywords
    • even authors and copyrights
  • Assign games to multiple categories
    • with icons descriptions
  • Manually or one-button mass install games from any source
    • existing arcade installation (plus scores and settings):
      • ibProArcade, v3 Arcade
    • package upload or ftp directory:
      • pnFlash, ibProArcade
      • v3 Arcade, Mochi
    • featured games feed:
      • Mochi, v3 Arcade
  • Obtain local scores from supported APIs,
    • ibProArcade, v3 Arcade,
    • pnFlash, Mochi
  • Use time played as backup score when unsupported
  • Retrieve scores from global network of participating sites
    • See global champions with links
  • Automatically archive old or duplicate scores
    • Get alerts when your scores are beaten
  • Show off your trophy collection in your postbit
  • Maintain arcade statistics overall, per user, and per game
    • latest and champion scores
    • most winners and longest players
    • average scores, plays and playtime
    • yourself and locally
    • local rankings
Additional Features (Pro)
  • Submit your scores to the global network for global display
  • Play games from FlashGameDistribution, Armor and Kongregate
  • Get local scoring support from GamerSafe games
  • Show off the legacy champion even if you archived all scores
  • Cinema mode darkens the screen while you play
  • Mark games on your personal favorites list
  • Retrieve and display global stats to compare
  • Get all of your scores ranked globally
  • Set passwords to your categories
You can see and play with the new arcade at Arcade - DragonByte Tech | vBulletin Mods & Addons (might require registration, also note they dont have a lot of games installed... but it will give you the feel of things. :)

Additionally it is coming to the time of the year where we reset the arcade scores. If we move to the new arcade all scores will be reset since they will not carry over. However if we keep our current software I have the option of reseting them or not...

So please vote in the poll on what you would like. :)

And have FUN!
Yeah the old arcade would not keep scores right at all, I remember when Satcity was alive he was telling all the time...."I spent an hour on that game and it didn't save"....

My gripe with the arcade is 1) adverts cause a lag, 2) too many doubles, 3) games that don't work, 4) games that record 0 only (even though you scored 20,000) and games that record the best

score as the worst, example, 5,000 is recorded lower than 50, 5) you press submit and it opens a page in a forum rather than high scores.

A lot of new games were added, they don't work at all.

Apart from that, it's fine.
The ads are built into the games, we don't get a penny from them.

The dupes is because they are named some something else.

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Well if you're like me you don't care. And if you don't care you wouldn't vote. I think the low voter turnout speaks for the masses ;)
Seems the ads thing has changed, which is a benefit and thank you to those that took note.

However there are still heaps of games that 1)don't work, 2)score a maximum of zero (0) 3)the worst score is #1 and when you click submit (score) you get

transferred to the forum, beetle buggin an example.
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