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Nov 29, 2003
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I received a call from dishNetwork today. The CSR thanked me for being a customer, told me that dish would be adding 2 new channels this month, did a survey, and pitched a Cinemax offer. The call went like this.

CSR - We will be adding 2 new channels this month.
me - Great! What are they?
CSR - I don't know.

CSR - Would you be willing to do a quick survey?
me - Sure.
CSR - What kind of movie do you like to watch?
me - High Definition.
CSR - Ok. What is your favorite type of movie?
me - One that is in High Definition.

CSR - I see that you have HBO. We can give you Cinemax package for $3.01 per month. This price will not change. You would get 5StarMax, Cinemax, MoreMax, ActionMax, and Cinemax West.
me - What about Cinemax High Definition?
CSR - Please hold, I am going to check on the 2 new channels.
CSR - Thank you for holding. Sorry, I still do not know what the 2 new channels are.
me - Thanks, but I will pass on the Cinemax offer for now.
CSR - OK. But if you change your mind, you may call back and add Cinemax for $3.01 per month.

Is the Cinemax deal anything special? Does anyone know what the 2 new channels are? ( Maybe, one of them is the TVGuide channel ;) )
If they are two new HDTV channels and one of them is Starz HD, I wont feel as bad about not being able to qualify for VOOM service.

Also, I would take INHD and INHD2 :)

The way I understand it, HBO is 13.99.

If you have HBO/Cinemax and Top60, that combo is 20.99.

But if you have Top120 or better, the HBO/Cinemax combo is 17.00.

So that is where the 3.01 is coming from.

Yes, that is nice. But that is their everyday offer, not a special.
They called me last week and offered me Showtime for a special price of $11.99. Not really a special since that is the price if you have the HBO/Cin package and add Showtime.
I can't wait to see what those 2 new channels are. I hate to bust people's hopes, but the last time I talked to a CSR and they said new channels were coming, I received Catalog TV and Auction TV. LOL
waja said:
ICSR - What kind of movie do you like to watch?
me - High Definition.
CSR - Ok. What is your favorite type of movie?
me - One that is in High Definition.

:haha - Yea me too - Good Answers. Unfornately, the monkeys giving the survey don't really care and have no means to forward your real desire to anyone useful.

If there are really new channels coming, we'll probably hear about them on the Charlie Chat next week. Ooooo, maybe BingoTV will go HD :shocked .
Well they are probably looking for:


Since those are the channels that Dish does not carry yet, probably get 2 of the 4.
SI = Sports Illustrated?

Edit: Nevermind, Found it

"SiTV is a new English-language, Latino-themed network featuring culturally relevant programming that targets the growing young Latino and multicultural TV audience"
ingramba said:
Dish told me today they are adding 1 channel soon called "SITV" to the 120 and higher packages. As usual, they were clueless about any other info.
A web search for "sitv" came up with the following:
"SiTV, backed by the Hollywood-based SiTV production house developing programming aimed at Hispanic audiences, is taking those original shows for its content. SiTV's shows are in English. Those behind the channel hope the effort to deliver something rather than Spanish-language programming to Hispanics will attract a lucrative demographic for advertisers." I've seen other articles with basically the same information.

Oh boy. I can't wait. :rolleyes:

(BTW, I've also seen it used as an acronym for Singapore International Television.)
it has been there for about a week. not to interesting in my opinion. i did see on dish's channel listing that they have hdsports listed as tbd for launch. i don't think that will give us anything more than world sports reruns with the occasional live basketball, hockey, or maybe baseball.
I hope Si TV wasn't one of the two because I would be willing to bet that if it was, we are in for a disappointment for the second one. I bet TV Guide Channel is the other one.

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