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Dec 21, 2004
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Hey guys, I've posted about this before, but I am ready to take the dive and have a few questions. I'm moving back home after college graduation and will be staying with my grandfather. He currently has DirecTV. The current setup is a phase 3 dish with one RG6 running to his SD receiver in the living room.

I am in the Birmingham DMA so my locals are in HD. I currently have one HDTV, and the existing SDTV. I plan to get another HDTV for the bedroom at some point. The phase 3 dish has the integrated multiswitch in the LNB, so there's four outputs straight to receivers there. It's mounted on a pole in the front yard.

What I *want* is this:
HD DVR in the living room
HD or SD DVR in one bedroom (say bedroom A)
possibly a SD non-dvr receiver in another bedroom (bedroom B)

Now, I already have one cable run to the living room and bedroom A. There are two runs from the Phase 3 dish to those rooms.

Now for my questions:
*Can the new 5 lnb dish mount on the same pole as a phase 3?
*Are the new single wire installs possible in a standard install? If not, can you request that when you setup the install, or is it something you need to do yourself or arrange outside of DirecTV?
*If I went with a single wire switch, is it weatherproof? Could I mount it to the pole with the dish?
*If I pre-run the cabling from the dish to where the TVs are, would I be charged for a pole installation?

and finally the most important question:
what is the best way to get the best deal for the equipment I'll need? My grandfather is a DirecTV customer in good standing, and they were hounding him/us to upgrade when the HD locals were added, but we never did. Are there any good deals for existing customers? We'd basically add on either two HD DVRs or an SD and HD DVR. Would it be better for me to start a new account and close his? I'm not trying to rip DirecTV off. Whichever way, I will be a long term customer of theirs and plan to get the premier package.

Thanks for any answers you guys can provide!
Please reply by conversation.

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