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Just got this in my mailbox.

DISH Network HDTV System: ‘Tis the season for HDTV! This continues to be an exciting time of year for DISH Network, especially with the availability of our new HDTV System! It is a perfect time to ramp up your inventory of HDTV Systems to prepare for the big holiday selling season. For customers who desire extraordinary picture quality and 5.1 stereo sound, HDTV in a box is a perfect gift idea. The HDTV System includes a 34” direct view or 40” HDTV rear-projection monitor, a DISH 811 HD satellite TV receiver, a DISH 500 antenna and professional installation. Everything is included to start Living Life in High Definition……all in one box!

The DISH Network HDTV System is now eligible to new subscribers in the Free DISH promotion for the incredibly low price of $999! Additionally, existing (non Digital Home Plan) customers can get upgraded to the HDTV System for only $999 when they make a one year programming purchase agreement to a minimum of America’s Top 50. If the customer does not wish to agree to a one year programming purchase agreement, they can still upgrade for a cost of $1399. Make sure your customers tap into the latest in TV technology with high definition sports, movie and pay-per-view channels from DISH Network, including ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HBO HD, Showtime HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies.
A one year subscription to AT50 is only $300 ($275 annually) in which is $100 ($125 annually) cheaper than the full price of $1,399.
Back to the HD in a box deal - Need clarification - I already have one 811 @ the $149 price - will Dish give another 811 at a discounted price (or allow me to get the 999 deal ?)
On the 811 promotion you can only buy one at the discounted price but since the HD TV and 811 receiver combo is a different promotion I bet you can use it too. I wander if I should wait for the HD TV and 921 combo instead of going to Sears and just buying the 921, I could always use the 34" HD TV for the bedroom.

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