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SatelliteGuys is excited to announce that we have launched a new DISH Android TV Support Forum!

With the official launch of the new DISH Android TV platform, which adds the power of Android TV to your Dish Hopper system SatelliteGuys is proud to be able to support DISH customers with all their DISH Android TV issues! A number of SatelliteGuys members were selected by DISH to help test and learn the platform. Many of them using the new system for well over a year!

Our goal is to provider the best support possible for new DISH Android TV users anywhere! And we are proud to have members of the DISH Android Technical Team here helping us and watching over things so that our members get the most accurate support possible!

(Please Note: SatelliteGuys does NOT have access to any DISH customers accounts, nor should any DISH customers give SatelliteGuys Staff or members their DISH account numbers of any other personally identifiable information.)

But wait... there is more coming!

Yup another new forum will be coming soon. The DISH Hopper Software Support Forum!

This new forum will have a dual purpose... to help support SatelliteGuys members with DISH Hopper software issues, but also will allow SatelliteGuys members a voice to help make the DISH Hopper software better for all! Yup you read that correctly you can help DISH make the Hopper even better, just give your feedback in this forum and your feedback can help make things even better. The Dish Software Team will be in and monitors forum and who knows if you do a good enough job is reporting issues and giving ideas you might be asked to help DISH beta test new hardware and software in the future!

Its about time Satellite TV is exciting again, we welcome the new DISH Hopper +, the Joey 4 and the new Wireless Joey 4, its time to enjoy television again, with everything is one box!

Thanks for being SatelliteGuys!
That’s too bad. The Joey 4’s are so good. They should not have released the + yet.
They black screens and slow remotes for the Joey 4s is driving me crazy. I have company coming so I think I am going to swap out my WJ4s with my purchased WJs while they are here. I don't want to have to explain the black screens and and using the 54.x remote controls. I miss the H+. Can't wait till they get fixed so I can re-install it.
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