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Jan 8, 2020
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They just installed my Hopper3. It replaced a model 211 which was using diplexers to access the OTA channels by turning the satellite off and then simply watching OTA channels via my outside antenna. Reverse this to go back to satellite. They told me the diplexers cannot be used with Hopper. After the install, I connected my outside antenna directly to my Sony 4K TV and did a search of OTA channels. This was a disaster. Only 10 channels showed up. Should be at least 70. Did the test again and only 13 channels showed up. Checked my wiring -- all OK. What is the Hopper3 doing that will not allow me to use a OTA antenna directly to the TV (no Hopper connection) not pick up my local channels? This is driving me crazy! I do realize there is a Dish OTA adapter that will allow the Hopper to pick up local channels -- not connected here -- but I wanted the TV to have access to locals with the Hopper off. Can you help?


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The Hoppers use MOCA, which uses the frequency bands used by OTA TV. You need to run a separate coax for OTA. Even with the Hopper OTA adapter.

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There must be something in the line between your OTA antenna and your TV that you don't know about. The H3 is incompatible with OTA frequencies on the same cable since it's MoCA signals use those same frequencies. (No diplexers allowed).
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