New Look to 301s!


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Oct 16, 2003
Tampa, FL
Well after a long day of computer problems I decided to sit down and watch a little TV. So popped on the old TV, and same old...until I reached over to get something and accidentally hit the Menu button, and to my amazement/enjoyment I noticed that my 301 had a slightly new look to it.

Remembering a post by Scott several weeks ago about the new System Information screen I quickly checked that out and wouldn't you know I got that too. It is all pretty spiffy looking!

If this is old, sorry, I went back a couple of pages and didn't see it mentioned. If it is new, I can post some screen shots if you would like, just ask!
I wonder if (when) they plan on changing the look and feel of the 501/508/510 since it has similar looking menu's/system info screens.

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