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Jul 21, 2008
As the owner of a Slingbox Classic, I have been using the SD RCA composite output of my HR21-100 so I can watch programming on the road.

When I went to use my Slingplayer today, I got the message below covering the majority of the screen making it impossible to watch any programming.

[INDENT][I]Your TV or its cables are not HD!

> On the remote control press
 and hold the EXIT key
 until you see a confirmation
 that your receiver has been
 set for standard definition.

Now I understand that there are people who do not understand that no matter how they configure the DVR, it will not magically make their TVs HD if they are not that way from the factory. However, for those of us who are trying to use BOTH the HD and SD outputs so we can placeshift our programming while away from home, PLEASE do not cobble us like this. When I travel, my wife is usually at home with the kids. Using the Slingbox we are able to watch our programs together.

There should be a way to disable this message. If not, please fix it. At this point I consider this to be a major issue and it should be reported.

As a customer of DirecTV since 1998, this is a major disappointment. Almost as bad as how they are handling the TiVo DVRs again.

What do the rest of you think?


I just found out this is a new "feature" of the new HD Guide where it will only work in 480i on the SD outputs. This is crazy to remove an existing feature like this. I guess I should test the SD outputs of the new software each week just to report the issue. Known or not, it needs to be corrected.
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THe only way to disable it is to either put the receiver in 480 mode or to get a component to A/V converter...there's been a few threads on it

otherwise check out the big "HD GUI" thread in the main DIrectv has some other options
I don't see that changing anytime soon. You will want to look at a converter for component to composite (monoprice sells them) or upgrading your slingbox to one that takes component inputs.
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