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Jan 4, 2004
Eastern Kansas
Just had the HD pkg. with 3lnb dish installed Tuesday. We had lots of rain Thursday, though never more than a drizzle. We had major sig. dropout during these rains.

We've got Direcway also and we always lose it before D*. Well we never lost Dway. My signal strength is around 85-88 where before it was around 95-99. Obviously the installer didn't get the alignment correct.

Question: rather than wait for him to come back out, what's the best way or sequence for me to align the new dish? I have a signal strength meter made especially for DBS. Or I realize I can use the receiver readouts etc. I have pulled the correct numbers for my zip code off setup.

Thanks for any replies......
Not sure if I understand your problem exactly. Are you going from a single dish to 3lnb dish?
If so... I think signal strength is expected to be a little less since instead of aiming for one satellite, you are getting a compromise of all 3.

Best way IMO is to turn your receiver loud.. open the doors and windows, and mess with in until you're happy. It's not exact science... trial and error is what it comes down to after you have a decent signal.
We're going from single to triple.....very seldom had dropouts before. Signal strength last night was 78-82 on 110
You definitely need the new dish peaked your 101 signal on the same receiver should be very close to what it was on the 18" dish.
Please reply by conversation.

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