New Roof - Re-point the Antenna


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Aug 26, 2004
Mustang, OK
So insurance is paying me for replacing my roof shingles because of a storm in August. The roofers pulled the Directv dish off the roof yesterday. Do I need to call Directv to put it back up and re-point the dish? I know the roofers can't point the dish, and I doubt that I can either.
I did and they covered it under protection plan

Recently had work done on roof and same issue roofers took off dish

DirecTV came out next day

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It’s technically not covered by the protection plan.

Best thing to do is have the roofers pad an extra $100 in their quote so you can call a satellite contractor.

A matter of fact someone should go to the roofers and cut a deal with them on satellite realignments or dish network conversions
Insurance didn't include the cost of repointing the dish. I'll see if it's worth the hassle of filing an amended claim. For $60, probably not. We got the roof done for less than the settlement anyway. The Directv tech did a good job, it was worth it to me.

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