New subscriber December 1st free 811+302 deal questions.



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The Dish Network retailer by me(Grand Rapids MI)seems a little confused about things regarding this promo. They are telling me I need to pay 99$ extra for the 811 if I only sign up for a year, but I'm seeing online places saying one year is good enough to get it free. Who's right here?

Also for my area what birds am I going to need to point at for the most HD plus Americas top 100 and some movie packages(not concerned with locals)? This guys talking about superdish which A) wont work in michigan and B) Looks like a moot situation anyway after reading about the retailer chat.

Should I have faith that their installers know more than the salesman?

Getting more confused by the day with this stuff..

I ordered last week from an online retailer and was NOT charged extra for the 811. It should be installed next week, I'll let you know if they ask for anything extra but I don't expect them to.
I think your dealer is not up to date on his information. Shop around.
I am also a waiting New Subscriber. Was told last Fri., by local Dish retailer I would have to purchase 811, 301 , and Superdish. Told him, I have been doing my homework at Sateliteguys for the last 2months and beleive you are incorrect. Also stated there will be no Superdish in Florida. Retailer said I really had this all wrong. My feeling is, best order through Scotts Dishstore.
Sure would like some help from the veteran Dish users here at Satellite guys as to going the DHP plan 811 and 522. Or owning the equipment 811/301 as a first time subsriber???? (I have a standalone Tivo.) Please give some input as to which plan is better. (Pros/cons etc)
Thanks John

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