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Oct 13, 2003
I would like to get HD Pack - and I have a couple questions:

How long will the HD Pack stay on 110 after the SuperDish launch?

Can a new subscriber get the $199 deal by calling Dish and mentioning it? If I call them and say I want to pay $5, +$9.99 for the HD Pack and will commit to a year - will they sell it to me? I know, I know... call them, but I'm curious if anyone has already tried.

No, the 6000 deal did have a "must be a Dish customer before.." qualification. I think it was the Sept Charlie chat for that date.
They are going to be transitioning HD content from the 110 satellite to the 105 satellite within the future in which the 105 satellite requires the SuperDish to receive it along with the 110 and 119 orbital slots.

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