New time slots

cleve_dnsc_tech said:
i heard that instead of 8am -12p and 12p-5p there will be time slots like 8-11 11-3 3-7. or something like that

I know they are switching to a three tier system over the basic two (6-12 or 12-5) for service calls and installations, but I am not sure how it breaks out exactly. I know they were going to offer something early and something late so as to not inconvience those who might not be able to get off work.
Like I said earlier, my impression was the AM/PM time slot thing wasn't working well enough. Too many new installs were falling thru due to "not at home". The 3-hour window of opportunity is an attempt to catch those "strays". IMO, it's not a good idea in the long run. Too many times I've had a 4 - room install exceed 3 hours. And factor in commute time between jobs; you have a recipe for disaster (or corporate greed...choose your word...LOL)

As to Columbus/Jackson, yes I was invited. Uh-uh...not going to do that this year. Did that last year and the year before. What a mess. Routing was horrible. Col/Jak techs got routed 1st, and then the techs who were brought down were left with the sloppy-seconds. Not my idea for success. Definately gives a person the idea to run back to contracting with the local cable companies in NE Ohio.

Oooppsss...did I just say that? LOL
at my office they are talking about 4 windows 7-9, 8-12, 12-5, and 4-8. i think it is recipe for disaster we will have more door tags, and more complains from customers then we have now. I'm not looking forward to work 12-16hr days
animalhouse said:
I heard it was 25 or 6 to 4:hatsoff:

LOL!!! cute...I'll have to remember that line at my next meeting :)

Oddly enough, your county (Morgan) is one of the areas that falls under Jackson, OH's jurisdiction; and such, is also an area that is asking for help from NE Ohio techs to assist with.

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