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May 19, 2004
Victoria, TX
Hi, I am new to Sales in Dish Network and Sirius and I keep coming across some questions that no one in the office can even answer for me because the position I took over is the only one that kept up with the Promotional Incentives, Business Rules, and all of that. Is there anyone in this forum who I can talk to when I have certain questions that I cannot seem to answer on the echostar site?


One question I have now is this: Is there a list of the Reimbursment Codes which I should see on the Incentives when I research them? When I go to research them, I do not know what all I should be looking for, so how do I know when I finished and I can file them away? If someone could help me with that, i would be VERY grateful.

Also, on the new Echostar site, WHERE is the tool to research the incentives? I can only find it on the old site. If anyone has any help they can offer me or even just ideas on how I can better my sales skills please email me.

Thank you,

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