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Dec 7, 2003
Wow...this forum is a great source of quality information. We are finishing construction of a new HDTV home theater system. Never had much interest in cable or even satellite. We built the new system primarily for watching DVD movies. But, now that I have seen HDTV, we are very interested in HDTV programming. Still, I am very much a newbie when it comes to all of the jargon and options out there. None of our local OTA channels is HD, and will not likely be for quite a while. So...I have a few questions regarding voom.

1. Given the fact that none of our local Vermont network affiliates are going to HD soon, do you think there is any possibility that Voom will be offering network (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox) HD channels in the near future?

2. I noticed that Voom apparently offers NFL-HD now. Will that include any NFS playoff games in HD...or even the Superbowl in HD?

3. I have tried to follow some of the discussions regarding PVR's and Voom, but I am still not entirely sure where it stands right now. Will Voom work with TIVO? If I go with Voom, should I wait on getting a TIVO until Voom comes out with a PVR setup?

4. I already have an OTA antenna in the attic. I would prefer not to add another antenna to the roof of the house. Will the Voom system allow me to use my existing TERK-55 antenna for OTA reception?

Thanks....and congrats on a great forum!

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Hi and welcome!

No VOOM will not be offering your HD locals, they have no plans to. Voom will however install a Over The Air (OTA) antenna so that you may pick up your digital locals.

NFL-HD is not live HD Games, from what I understand they are highlights shows or replays of past games.

Only DirecTV carries NFL game in HD live.

No voom will not work with TIVO (well technically it could on the Standard Definition Channels however you could not record the HD Channels) Voom is supposed to have a PVR out in the Summer / Fall

Sure they will let you use your antenna, it saves them work and money. :)

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Sep 12, 2003
Why wouldn't Tivo work on the S or composite outs, including downrezzed HD (but crisper than typical low bandwidth SD)?

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