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Sep 13, 2006
Hi I just had the 622 receiver installed. My question is does the harddrive run all the time. I have the power off and I can still hear it running, or do I have something setup wrong. Thanks for the help.
The 622's HDD runs 24/7 as long as the unit is powered and after it was initially turned-on. When you turn it "off" it enters a standby mode that includes the HDD running. I have mixed feelings about this. It seems like a measurable waste of power in an age when we should be much more conscious about these matters. With the long MTBFs of modern drives, reliability shouldn't be a problem from activity and there is evidence that at least some failures occur upon start-up (true with other electronics as well), so the drive's lifetime might actually be extended with continuous operation. Also, the thermal differentials that result from full power cycling are reliability risks, so leaving the 622 "warm" at all times helps minimize that potential problem. However the HDD is a major heat source in the 622, so you should take measures to help mitigate the heat. There are a number of posts about heat-related issues and thermal management in the 622. Read-up on those! (Search "622 heat" without the quotes.) Here's one worth digging into:

I think you'll find the 622 to be the best thing out there at this point in time!

Welcome, BTW...!
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