Newbie needs advice: Rewiring or Splitting


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Feb 9, 2004
I am a totally newbie, so please be nice. I have read the FAQ's, completed searches, tried searching the official dishnetwork site, but I am still confused as to the best option.

Ok. I was just installed last Thursday. I have a 311 and a 510, the 311 is upstairs in the bedroom, the 510 downstairs in the living room. The installers sent individual cables from the multiswitch (?) to each room. This setup works great, except that since I have the 510, I can't watch something and record at the same time in the living room.

Thinking this through, I believe that a good option would be to have both receivers in the living room, and then use the two outputs from the 510, one going into the living room tv, the other strung up to the bedroom tv. The 311 would only be connected to the living room TV. This would allow me to watch the 311 while recording on the 510. It woudl also allow using the 510's PVR functions in both rooms. The only downside is that if someone is watching TV in the bedroom, they would not be able to use the PVR functions in the living room, but I think the benefits outweigh the cons.

Ok, so now here is my wiring question. I only have one cable coming into the living room from the multiswitch. I believe I would either need to:

- Run another cable from the multiswitch to the living room. This is possible but requires two external wall drillings to get it to work, so not my 1st option.

- Add some kind of splitter on the cable in the living room, so that I can connect both receivers to it. I believe there are problems with this, however it seems I might have found a solution in this:
If this item would not actually allow me to do this, then what exactly is it for?

Anyway, so long story short, I want two receivers in my living room, but I only have one cable currently coming into that room. Any help or suggestions would be hugely helpful. Thanks! :) :cool:
Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it.

So does anyone know what this splitter (in the link above) would do? What would it be used for? I am assuming it is not a regular splitter, since it is passing DC current, so it seems that it is designed for between the LNB and the receiver? (click on the picture to see it blown up, it clearly says LNB in, and 2 receivers out, with DC passed on one side)
this is used to split single dishpro lnb feed out to two, it will not split on the dish 500 for you because your dealing with signal from two different birds. sounds like you need to run the extra line or wait for the dishpro+ technology to come out that will let you split one into two feeds. richard
Thanks, that makes sense. Ok, well it looks like I need to do some drilling! :eek:

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