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Jun 16, 2009
Ohio USA
(Obviously, my question is in reference only to a user owned machine; not those being leased from DISH, owned by DISH, or owned by anyone other than the user.)

In earlier (Dish 522/625 generation) DVRs, I've successfully been able to swap drives from one device to another encountering no problems. The 722k (and I assume 722, 922, Hopper and all other newer DVRs) now use SATA drives.

Could a SATA drive be installed into an older (for example, 625) DVR using a PATA to SATA Hard Drive Interface Adapter
or are there other factors (such as different drive formatting, exceeding maximum drive capacity, for example) that might prevent this from working?

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Jan 4, 2007
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This will not work because the firmware in these receivers has a small list of acceptable drive model numbers. Even one character off and it will not be recognized.
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