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Nov 26, 2003
Hmmm.. That's how they are in the points after the first race (Earnhardt, then Stewart).

Any other predictions? :)

John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
Did anyone see the results yesterday? All the Cup guys finished up top again. The best Busch teams haven't been able to run with these guys for sometime, not since I think Jeff Green barely could in the 10.

You have to wonder if these part-time Cup/Busch programs are taking a lot of the full-time Busch teams' dollars. They're killing them on the track every time. I guess the Cup guys help with ratings though. But can the Craftsman/Busch/Nextel deal keep going as is with all the sponsorship issues. Some Cup guys are double and triple dipping on sponsors, they're so spread out you have to wonder how long the value will continue for sponsors and then how many new teams will never have a chance to grow.

I mean is Oreo really getting value from Dale Jr running a few Busch races for them??? They must be...wonder how much they spend.
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