NFL considering change to "MNF"

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The possibility of adding a second Monday-night game each week, to give ABC better odds of an attractive matchup, is being discussed.

At first blush this sounds like a good idea. But if they regionalize "MNF", won't at least two markets be stuck with a lesser matchup every week?
Not a problem here in Phoenix. We never have to worry about the Cards being on MNF.
I think this idea stinks. Whose to say that they wouldn't be stuck with 2 stinker games on Monday night? How would THAT be any better?

I can't see CBS & FOX letting this happen, anyway.

The folks at ABC need to recognize that the days when MNF drew huge ratings is likely gone. Most sporting events in general don't draw the ratings they used to, simply because they are so many other TV options. MNF is not immune to that trend.

There have been a number of pretty good (close) games this season:

- Colts at Bucs
- Chiefs at Raiders
- Titans at Jets
- Rams at Browns

All 4 of those games pretty much went down to the wire, and I'm sure there have been a few other good ones. This week's Eagles-Dolphins match up figures to be a good one, too. Overall, I've thought this was one of the better MNF years, but that's just me.
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