NFL PreSeason Schedule ~ Timezone Specific

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Final Schedule Update

  • The links for "Team OTA Contracts" are correct, but the 506sports server has not yet been updated
  • The schedule includes the 21 games provided live by NFLNet
  • Four national broadcast games are: FOX (week 2), Prime, CBS and NBC (week 3)
  • The free NFLNet RePlay capability for all preseason games no longer exists. A subscription to the NFL+ streaming service is now necessary

Time Zone Specific
Schedules are provided for 7 US Time Zones and 3 US cities; note the attachment names to identify the correct PDF for your needs

Customize Your Schedule
In the current Acrobat Reader, use the Tools/Fill & Sign option to enter your own custom National and Local channel information

National Broadcasts
Add your LIL (Local-Into-Local) CBS, FOX and NBC channel numbers to your schedule

Regional Broadcasts
Add your local broadcast information to customize your schedule. Find in advance which local games your local CBS and FOX affiliates will be carrying by referencing the 'Team OTA Contracts' links

The filename abbreviations:
AST - Atlantic Standard
EDT - Eastern
CDT - Central
MDT - Mountain
PDT - Pacific
AKDT - Alaska
HAST - Hawaii Standard
LSAN - Los Angeles Metro
NYCM - New York City Metro
SNDG - San Diego Metro

Welcome to what will be a very different NFL season with many changes and added expenses too


  • week_pre_ast.pdf
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  • week_pre_edt.pdf
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  • week_pre_cdt.pdf
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  • week_pre_mdt.pdf
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  • week_pre_pdt.pdf
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  • week_pre_akdt.pdf
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  • week_pre_hast.pdf
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  • week_pre_lsan.pdf
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  • week_pre_nycm.pdf
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  • week_pre_sndg.pdf
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