NFL Schedule Week # 18

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Attached is the Weekly NFL Schedule

Time Zone Specific
Schedules are provided for each US Time Zone; note the attachment names to identify the correct PDF for your time zone

Customize Your Schedule
In the current Acrobat Reader, use the Tools/Fill & Sign option to enter your own custom National and Regional channel information

National Broadcasts
Add your LIL (Local-Into-Local) CBS, FOX and NBC channel numbers to your schedule​
Regional Broadcasts
Add your local broadcast information to customize your schedule. Find in advance which regional games your local CBS and FOX affiliates will be carrying by referencing online DMA_Distribution_Maps The DMA maps are available beginning Wednesday in the week preceding the games.​
The filename abbreviations:​
AST - Atlantic Standard​
EDT - Eastern​
CDT - Central​
MDT - Mountain​
PDT - Pacific​
AKDT - Alaska​
HAST - Hawaii Standard​
LSAN - Los Angeles Metro​
NYCM - New York City Metro​
SNDG - San Diego Metro​
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.... for bars, restaurants, sportsbooks (ESPN+ for Business)

I would be happy to include the SundayTicket/Business channel assignments in the schedules above, but DIRECTV has been very late making those assignments and then makes last minute changes. There is not much value added I can bring to the bars and sportsbooks which way back when, were the force that got me started on this.
Yet another typo in the Week 14 Schedule:

The Giants W/L is 4-8, not 4-0.
It’s not looking like the upcoming NFL on Peacock exclusives LA Chargers vs Buffalo and the Wild Card will be on DirecTV Business. EverPass is advising commercial venues to sign up for the Peacock Sports Pass w/ the UPShow equipment by December 10th for shipping, installation and testing the stream
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Any bar/business who signs up for Peacock Sports Pass through UPShow or Joe Hand Promotions, on the day of before tonight’s game, will be given a special promo code to create a Peacock ‘residential’ account allowing you to stream the game through traditional means on the bar TV, and that account created will only give you Peacock exclusives (meaning no SNF simulcasts w/ NBC available)
this all due to the shipping of the UPShow chromebox not arriving to your business on time
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