No AutoHop on new Hopper 3 for me?


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Aug 29, 2007
I got my upgrade to a Hopper 3 from a 2K four days ago. I've had PTAT on from the beginning. When I got to watch any show in the PTAT menu, none of them have autohop. I have rebooted and same deal. Am I missing something?
It depends in the station. There are delays anywhere from 1 day to 7 days.

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None of the 38 shows that have recorded have it. I figured at least some would. Some of them should, correct?
In my area NBC is the next day. It recorded several shows last night that are autohop avail this morning.
By the time I get around to watching my shows autohop works for me if not I hit the skip forward button no big deal . I do like prime time .
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Proves what I have been saying all along. Auto hop was a negotiation tactic to use against the local stations in order to keep their carriage cheaper. Now that it has been done on all the network owned stations , they will most likely use it on the affiliates too. Never was intended for the customers to enjoy.
thomasjk "all others next day" is not correct as the autohop feature only works on the four major networks. I have had my Hopper3 for approximately 3 months. I use the autohop option all the time and it works flawlessly. I can start a show and set down my remote until it is over. Instead of skipping forward 4 to 5 min. at 30 second intervals, there is about a 3 second delay when the show ends for a group of commercials and it restarts.

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