I called this morning and they had me do all kind of switch checks and etc. Told me to hold and then came back and said I wouldn't be able to get it.
I once was given 3 free months of Showtime by Dish. During this time is when I purchased my 6000. At first I did not get SHO-HD. But I called and they where able to activate it.

In fact, once the original 3 months had expired, SHO-HD remained avialable to me, until it had run for 3 months.
They never put up HBOHD or SHOHD during the free previews. I called a CSR and asked him how could I know that I wanted to sub to these channels if I couldn't see the HD and his response was that HBO & SHO do not allow them to be previewed. WTF? Makes no sense to me.
I don't think HBO and Showtime make that call. From what I understand some cable companies allow users to order the HD channels alone but Dish doesn't. I think it's probably just a way for them to get us to order the packages. Maybe everyone should call Dish just to make it apparent that there is a demand for previewing the HD channel.
I just got off the phone and the CS rep told me that the HD channel will be available but not until 6pm eastern, when the preview was actually supposed to start. They had no idea that the rest of the channels were already available so who knows how reliable this information is.
Just got off the phone. I played dumb and got this for an answer. I asked about the free preview weekend and the CSR told me that it was for HBO and Cinemax. I asked if I needed anymore equipment, and she ran through my equipment. She then told me that since I have the 811 receiver I would get HBO HD with the free preview. She also told me to enjoy my weekend. Very nice CSR.
yes. if you have a model 6000 without the HD upgrade kit for newer channels, it will no longer receive HBO, SHO or PPV. so, you might not be seeing it because they disabled it. See my other thread as to this scam. I'm getting a free upgrade after raising a nice stink.

The 811 will work with the moved channels out of the box. So you could likely beg them to turn it on during the free preview to check it out if it doesn't turn on autotragically.

HBO HD is worth it. Nearly every film is in HD, and they follow the same schedule as HBOEAST. If you watch 3 movies a month, it's less expensive than renting them, and they are in HD. Many of their originals are in HD as well. SHOHD isn't so hot, as while they also follow SHOEAST, they don't offer nearly as many programs in HD.

Even on my 576p projector which downconverts 720p, the picture is amazing.
Well, its 8 PM here in eastern time zone, my 811 does not have HBO-HD activated. However, all of the other HBO's and all the Cinemax's are on. Errr...

I called about it at 6 pm Pacific time and the CSR I talked to was an absolute idiot. Dish I hope you read this thread.

Rant mode on>>> I told her that they were having a free HBO preview this weekend and she agreed. I told her I could not get the HD channel. She checked my records and said I have the HD pack, am I not getting HD? I said, I am getting all of my HD, I am not getting the HBOHD. She said, you're not subbed to the HBO pack, I said, DUHHHH (not really), I said, OK, you know that Dish has HD and SD programs, right (long silence) then yes. I said, and you know that you're having an HBO free preview weekend, right? Right. I can see all of the HBO channels except for the HBOHD channel, it is red in my guide, which means I am not authorized to view it, I thought HBO was free for the weekend, why can't I see the HBOHD channel? She checks my records again "well, you are subbed to the HD Pack, I don't know why you're not getting your HD". At that point I darn near reached through the phone and choked her to death.

This went on for 10 minutes until finally she said "HBOHD is not turned on for the free preview". Why didn't she say that 15 minutes ago and save us a lot of time? Anyway, I asked her (now read this carefully DISH) "How can I determine if I want to sub to the HBO pack if I can't see the one single HBO channel that I want to watch?" Silence. So I told her her bosses were a bunch of idiots and hung up.

I know I was not nice at the end but I was so frustrated and angered by her stupidity and lack of knowledge that I just lost it. I think Dish is really dumb for not turning on the HD channel, gee-whizz, they might bring in a few subscribers. Rant Mode Off<<<<

Wake up Dish and smell the $$$ you cheap bastards, it's not costing you anything to switch on the HD for 2 days. I checked out the SD channels on my projector and they suck as big as my locals, I can't watch them like this. Dish, where's the bandwidth? Can adding all the locals till you put up some more birds and drop a few channels/transponder for crying out loud.

I am one extremely dissatisfied Dish SD customer (getting very impatient for them to add more HD too, VOOM is looking better all the time).
The HBOHD channel looks much like Hogan's Heros does on HDNET. Movies are a bit soft looking in comparison to native HD content, but still quite kick-a**
HBOHD sucks. There is never anything good on and a lot of the programming isnt even in HD. I thought Sex in the City would be good in HD... too bad they don't send it to me in HD. I'll be dropping HBO and CIN after the three month free trial, I already dropped locals, since they are so bad and I get them OTA. I have Starz through DISH, since that is the only channel I have worthwhile movies to watch on.

I ordered VOOM for their 21 HD Channels. I figured I might as well pay $50 a month to get more HD on my new HD TV. If the install goes well, I will drop Starz from my DISH account and add it from VOOM, since they have 3 Starz HD channels on VOOM. I'm still with DISH for their HD Pack (HDNet isnt available on VOOM and I don't know if I get Discovery HD on VOOM with the basic VOOM package) and DISH powers the rest of my house. I have a 2 yr. commitment with DISH to keep the HD Pack and 1 yr. commitment to keep AT60 or better. I go with AT 120, mainly for the Audio and so the other folks in the house have something to watch.

It should be interesting to compare content from VOOM and DISH side by side. With the no commitment, we will uninstall it for free if you don't like it offer from VOOM it is a worthwhile investigation, now that the hardware isnt $800.


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