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Nov 28, 2020
In Central Florida/Orlando, we have been without an ABC Channel since July 22 while DISH is negotiating with the local channel's owner-- Apollo Broadcasting. During this time, I have phoned DISH (800/333-3474) each month and gotten an $8 discount off that month's bill to compensate me for this missing channel, or a total of $36-- so far. So I suggest all DISH customers might want to do the same. Not only will you receive at least token compensation, but if enough customers complain it might motivate DISH to reach agreement with Apollo. As I told the DISH rep I just spoke with-- this isn't a Mideast Peace Treaty, how hard can it be?
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That $36 would buy you a $29.99 AirTV dual tuner adapter, then you could buy a $15 antenna and avoid these issues. I once set up an antenna for a friend in Merritt Island, in the attic, and it picked up every Orlando station one could want, for free, from about 30 miles away. Then you could turn off Dish locals and save the monthly fee.

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