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May 4, 2004
Dear Satellite Guys:
If you think EVERYONE wants HDTV and the 4 networks on DISH....think again! I live in a very small town and depend on the local cable for weather reports and local news. I also have West Coast feeds to see how my 3 sons and grandchildren are doing!
If you get everything YOUR way.....I will not be able to have West Coast programming and I lived there (Los Angeles) for 50 years...and that's what I want! Do you care? I hope so. I also want to retain my local cable company so I'll be aware of the hurricanes and tropical storms headed this way. I hope that's what you want for me as well.
Your "one for all and all for one" thinking is socialistic and I don't like it. Please...give me my freedom of choice,


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Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
:no I have locals and distant locals as well as super stations. I love the ability to record 2 shows on the east coast time and then 2 more on the west coast . I also have the possiblity of recording Star Trek Enterprise on Sunday on one of the superstations if it conflicts on Wednesdays with something else.

The picture quality of my Little Rock locals isn't as good as my distant channels from Chicago and L. A. so I love the option of watching a better quality picture with my Chicago stations . The Little Rock locals are to compressed and my ABC station looks black and white sometimes. This is the stations fault not Dish's. They did all they could to get this station up to par including using the digital feed instead of analog. But with no captions on the digital feed they couldn't use it for long before complaints.

I think anything you can do as a company to give more choices to consumers, rather than limit them should be all companies mission. But unfortunately with all the station affiliate and cable interest lobbiest in Washington I am sure we will see an end to distant networks eventually. For some reason Charlie Ergan really pisses these people off and the FCC too, so the idea of digital hd feeds of networks will most likely never be allowed . :no
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