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Jul 30, 2009
north carolina
I have a 211 receiver with a Sanyo LCD tv. The remote that came with the receiver would just stop working for no apparent reason. Dish sent new remote that eventually did the same thing. Dish sent a different type of remote that eventually did the exact same thing. Dish then sent a IR to UHF upgrade kit, operator at Dish said some lcd backlights interfere with the IR response. That sounded like a reasonable explanation. But the remote still randomly does not respond. Now they have replaced my receiver and guess what, the remote (ir to uhf kit) still has response issues. Any clue as to what is causing and how to fix it?


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Dec 16, 2005
Same problem here. I have 3 Dish 5XX DVRs. All of a sudden a few days ago I have to place the remote literally in front of the IR sensors. If I put the UHF antenna on, it works. The Dish tech first wants to send a remote (chargeable) and if that dont work replace the DVR. She offered to send a technician but since I don't have the service plan (6/mo) it'll cost me 99.00. I find it VERY hard to believe that all 3 DVRs and ALL 3 remotes dont work. I strongly believe it's something in the programming of the machine. The stuff is simply not working. Even my PROGRAMMABLE remotes dont work. And the Dish remote turns the TV on and off fine at 90 degree angles.

Oh, she also suggested moving the DVR away from the TV. These things have been sitting where they are for 12 years.


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Nov 25, 2003
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TURN your auto contrast off and it won't interfere with the ir signal from your ir remote control. This has been discussed several times this last year. That is the solution unless you want to get a uhf remote control and put it in ir mode. I think I remember that DISH has been issuing a uhf remote control for those who have called in and said that they are having problems with their ir remote control working.


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Feb 12, 2010
The biggest culprit with LCD TVs is their power savers. Even after turning the power saver off, I still had ocassional problems with my Samsung. I found that floppy disk film over the ir receiver worked like a charm.

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