NO SIGNAL ON 119 in Jamaica


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Feb 8, 2010
I subscribed to dish network and am currently in Jamaica. I am only able so far to get signal on 110 but NO signal on the 119 sat. I have dish 1000.0 3-lnb. I spoke to one sat tech who said i would not be able to get the 119 signal here. I am not so sure about that. Any adivce for me.
I dont think Jamaica can see 72 or 77W. The Caribbean HAS to use 110/119

61.5 requires a 5 1/2 foot dish MINIMUM

in the link I posted above

Well in PR like Rajmarie and Iceburg has already said for a 119 you will be okay with a 4 footer, 110 you can go as small as a 2footer you will get a pretty good signal! 33 HD Channels on that Spotbeam!
61.5 with a 5.5 above no lower than this!
110 and 61.5 in Jamaica

I am a dish subscriber living in Jamaica and currently have two six ft dishes pointed to 110 and 61.5. I have no issues with the 110 but the 61.5 is weak to no signals on the following transponders: 2, 16, 22, 25, 32. At around 9:00pm the signal gets stronger and I am able to get most of my HD Bronze channels. However my real passion is to watch soccer (Arsenal) in HD and I would gladly drop all other HD channels to get FSC in HD. Would I be able to get 72.7 or 129 here in Jamaica using my six foot dish? I currently have a VIP 211 receiver. Is my better option 72.6 and 61.5 or 110 and 72.6?

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