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Dec 15, 2006
I have the Dish Hopper 3 with wired Joeys. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and the last several weeks, I have been noticing that when I change my receiver or Joey's to either channel 4/5/8 (Local channels) there will be no sound on these. I have a OTA adapter, and I can switch to the OTA channel and hear the sound from there. Sometimes I can switch back to the local channel on dish, and the sound will come back. I am also seeing this issue happening with shows recorded on PrimeTime Anytime on these channels also. I have just this morning reset all of my Joey's (3 of them) and the Hopper 3, left them all unplugged for about 4 hours and plugged the Hopper 3 back in, then each of the Joey's, but still see the issue happening on my Joey in the bedroom when I tune to channel 5, but if I switch to the OTA channel 5, I have sound. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Contact Dirt, and fill them in. They will probably either arrange for a service call or swap out the Hopper. The Joeys are only passing on what the Hopper sends them.
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It's a bit of a long shot but check the alternate audio setup. One time I changed to see if SAP was active and forgot to change it back. I had audio on most stations but a couple of local stations. I was about ready to call DIRT when I discovered the problem.
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What Miner said. I had that issue pop up and it was the alternate audio. station sometimes use alternate audio such as DVS or another language on some programs, on some programs. Most of the programming line-up may also simulcast of the main audio on the Alternate track. So when some programs with a blank alternate track pop up, they would come across as not having sound on your set.

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