NY CW11 Now in HD (1 Viewer)

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Sep 9, 2003
I wonder if it is possible to get the HD version of these stations when subbing to Superstations?

BTW, AIsmail. THe Mets used to be on 9, and the Yankees on 11. Crazy world.

There is some controversy about whether the digital versions of the supers count as superstations. I think that they do but plenty of others say no.


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Sep 26, 2003
FYI the CW11 out of New York is now in HD. Now if they could only get My 9 for Yankee games, life would be grand. Thanks Dish!
That's awesome news!! I hope someday that I'll be able to announce that Dish is carrying my local CW station at all (of course, it only got added as a sub-channel to our local ABC station about a month ago). Glad there's not much I watch on that channel... :)
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