NYC/Boston Going Spot. Are you a mover?

"Mover" should be in quotes. That's when you tell Dish you're at a different service address than you really are, for the purpose of getting locals from another DMA. Obviously if you actually live in NY, then you didn't "move" there. ;)
I almost 'moved' to New York this past weekend, I guess I am glad that I did not. My thinking was that I knew they were going spotbeam on a bunch of locals but that they would keep a couple of the 'big ones' on national beams such as New York, LA, and possibly Chicago.

I ended up moving to Chicago, at least until the hockey playoffs are over. My moving criteria has changed since I now have the HD only pack and I can't get my RSN.
when do NYC will become spotbeam

will denver, atlanta, an sF will stay in the conus??

i will need to move again

thank you
ohh no..... I just "moved" to NYC ..... damn..... does anybody know when this is going to happen ... Or is it actually going to happen ..... are there any other HD locals that are on conus on 61.5 ???
Curious how many people will be effected by this. If you're a mover to either NYC or Boston can you please post here?

Well first of all - are you talking SD or HD locals?

Boston SD is already on a spot on 110, spot 4, so not sure why you're asking this.

will denver, atlanta, an sF will stay in the conus??

Atlanta & SF SD will NOT go spot, as those are sold soley for distant net service.
Denver may be another story & will definately affect me if it does! :eek: :eek:
NY SD could possibly go, but they would still need to keep WPIX & WWOR on CONUS for SS's, so maybe they'll just leave "the big 4" as is, too.
Someone in the KNOW at Dish confirms there is NO change to the New York Local CONUS beam for tomorrow. No change whatsoever.
Correct, no change tomorrow.

They will however start testing NYC and Boston on Spot Beam tomorrow. It will be a few weeks before things are switched.
When NYC does go spotbeam, where can the "movers" get conus. It looks like 61.5 will be useless for conus. Will the only option for conus HD locals be off 129?

I would also like to find a map showing the 61.5 spotbeam coverage. Everything I have seen only shows TPs not the "area 3" SB.
If anyone is interested in purchasing a dish 1000+ and receiving 118.7, There are many Conus HD locals up on that bird. St. Louis is for sure.

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