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Feb 10, 2007
I've got any interesting timer issue. Last night my wife said she was having problems with two of her soaps pixelating. They are both setup as "new" recordings on satellite local channel 12 (Flint, MI ABC). I know there to be problems with that channel from time to time on both the OTA and the satellite local channel. I said no problem, I'll cancel those and setup the same recordings on Channel 7 OTA (Detroit, MI ABC). I created the 2 new timers and then deleted the 2 old ones. The guide then showed no timers for channel 12 and the new timers for channel 7 showed "skipped - duplicate recording". At the time I thought maybe the system needed time to "figure out" that those weren't duplicates and would change them to record. Just a few minutes ago my wife said here soaps didnt' record:eek::eek: . I went through dish remote access (pretty cool) and sure enough all of the new channel 7 timers still showed that they wouldn't record because they were duplicates. I double checked and the old channel 12 timer was nowhere to be found in the timer list or in the program guide. Sorry for the length of this post but I wanted to make sure I posed the scenario correctly. I deleted the channel 7 timers and reentered the channel 12 timers and they are showing active in the guide. I guess I'll have to make sure I delete a timer before creating one to take it's place on another channel. I'm curious if this is the way the software handles this or if there is an issue.

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