Official 2004 Dish Hardware Portfolio


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Oct 29, 2003
Attached are 2 scans of the "Dish Network Product Portfolio" 2004 Collection (with specs) I got from the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). You can save and "stitch" the two pages together if you have the software or simply print and tape (slight overlap).
jdmart said:
Sorry, the attachments dropped off with the upgrade to Vbulletin. Will reformat, scan and post again soon. :(

Please click on each of the two links below and you will get the left and right side of the long fold out color brochure of the 2004 DISH Hardware Portfolio with pix and specs of each of their receivers including the 111, 311, 322, 510, 522, 811 & 921. Had to redo this with links because of a new 100K upload max with the new Vbulletin format. So just print and tape.

Let's guess the date of the new software release for 921?

Trouble with 510

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